Randy Carpenter
Rory Housty
Earl Newman
Jim WHite
"This place in my personal history has tremendous meaning for me. I spent a lot of time there, as my family had property there, with a smoke house. In the fall, late September, early October, I was picked up after school, didn't attend school on Friday, joining my parents, aunts and uncles, at the camp. This is where they caught the chum salmon, smoked, and dried salmon for our winter requirements. The only language spoken was Heiltsuk, which is how I am able to speak & understand Heiltsuk today. This provided me the enrichment of preserving the salmon, more over, the retention of my Heiltsuk heritage, and language."
- Email from Jim White
Joan Hall
Fred Reid
Steve Carpenter
Kelly Brown
Pamela Brown
April Windsor
Bernard Windsor
Harvey Humchitt
Wesley Vickers
Gary Housty
Josh VIckers
Wilfred Humchitt
William Housty
Mark White
Emma Reid
Ron Martin
Joann Green
Don Vickers

Photo courtesy of Connie Tallio

Edward Martin
Pauline Waterfall
George Housty
Elroy White
Mavis Windsor
Cyril Carpenter
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